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With thousands of books published each month, what makes your writing special? How do you find your unique writing voice that’s needed in the world?

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Bar Stool | Numbers Girl By Mary Kamau | Telios Books Telios Press Podcast

Buy Numbers Girl By Mary Kamau from Telios Bookstore:  https://teliosbooks.com/product/numbers-girl-by-mary-kamau-2/   Buy African books from Telios Bookstore:  https://teliosbooks.com/telios-bookstore/ Stock your books with Telios Bookstore: https://teliosbooks.com/telios-authors-faq/   📚 NUMBERS GIRL BY MARY KAMAU  She’s looking for an escape. He’s running from trouble.  She’s looking for an escape. Hailey’s life is the epitome of good girl boring. The career she once loved now gives her anxiety. The crush she was sure she’d spend forever with is with someone else. The sisters she loves dearly are thriving and she may as well be deadweight. Walking into a crowded bar on a Friday night is the last thing she should be doing. But she’s desperate to feel alive. And desperate times…. He’s running from trouble.  Zach’s life is full of everything a man could desire. Money, women, notoriety. Yet none of it satisfies him anymore. He’s running from the very things that used to give him pleasure. When a mystery woman who has no business being in a bar sits at his counter, he’s torn between being good and staying away. Or being oh-so-bad and introducing her to his infamous wild side.  Their worlds collide in a flurry of emotion and betrayal. Danger is brewing in Zach’s bar and it catches up with him all at once. Staying away from Hailey is no longer an option but a necessity. But with the resurgence of old family enemies, her life is already on the line. And the only man able to save her is the same one who could destroy her.  Book 2 of the Harry's Girls Series. Standalone romance. No cliffhangers. Mary Kamau's author profile:  https://teliosbooks.com/mary-kamau/ — Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/telios-press/message
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Creative Eden

Creative Eden: A community of creatives in pursuit of their highest calling for the glory of their Creator.

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Your Creativity Isn't By Chance Or Accident | Creative Eden Creative Eden

You didn't just end up creative. God made you so. This is an excerpt from the Creative Eden episode: "What's Your Creative Eden?" Watch the full episode here: https://youtu.be/I4dMnxLC0Nc Creative Eden Website: https://creativeeden.wordpress.com Creative Eden YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@creativeedenke Creative Eden is a community of creatives in pursuit of their highest calling for the glory of their Creator. We use our creative gifts and talents to minister to God, serve the Church and evangelize to the world.
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