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  • The God Of Thy Fathers By Rev. Bryan Josiah | Book Cover | Telios Press
  • My Identity Children's Devotional By Mercy Mandela | Book Cover | Telios Press
  • Numbers Girl By Mary Kamau | Book Cover | Telios Press
  • Present In God's Presence By Mary Kamau | Book Cover | Telios Press
  • Chosen Not Cheated By Koki Oyuke | Book Cover | Telios Press

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Rev. Bryan Josiah | Telios Press Authors

“Telios Press is a writer’s dream. They enable you as the writer to focus on the most important thing, which is writing and being as creative as possible. The level of excellence and care to your work is beyond impeccable.”

Rev. Bryan Josiah (Author Of The God Of Thy Father)

“We’re halfway through the process and I’m absolutely thrilled at how easy you’ve made it! You have guided me through it all, but at the same time accepted the changes I want made. I can’t wait to finalize the process but I would highly recommend you to anyone looking to publish. You are professional, gracious and absolutely skilled in all you do!”

Carol Oyola (Project Lead For Overcoming Life’s Challenges)
Jefferson Mwadime | Telios Press Authors

“Telios Press will help you publish that book! I’m proof. They have helped me rejuvenate and publish my book’s 2nd edition and looking back at the journey I could have never asked for a better guide. From content ideas to tips on best practices, Telios Press has given me more value than what I thought I was paying for. Not to mention their admirable professionalism. Thank you Telios Press is all I have to say and hopefully, we will eventually be doing another book together.”

Jefferson Mwadime (Author Of Sufficient To Start)

“Telios Press will hold your hand through the whole process! You get exactly what you pay for with extra love. We are now at the printing stage thanks to Telios Press! Give them all your money and publish that book!”

Mercy Mandela (Author Of My Identity: A Children’s Devotional)
Mercy Mandela | Telios Press Authors

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Bar Stool | Numbers Girl By Mary Kamau | Telios Books Telios Press Podcast

Buy Numbers Girl By Mary Kamau from Telios Bookstore:   Buy African books from Telios Bookstore: Stock your books with Telios Bookstore:   📚 NUMBERS GIRL BY MARY KAMAU  She’s looking for an escape. He’s running from trouble.  She’s looking for an escape. Hailey’s life is the epitome of good girl boring. The career she once loved now gives her anxiety. The crush she was sure she’d spend forever with is with someone else. The sisters she loves dearly are thriving and she may as well be deadweight. Walking into a crowded bar on a Friday night is the last thing she should be doing. But she’s desperate to feel alive. And desperate times…. He’s running from trouble.  Zach’s life is full of everything a man could desire. Money, women, notoriety. Yet none of it satisfies him anymore. He’s running from the very things that used to give him pleasure. When a mystery woman who has no business being in a bar sits at his counter, he’s torn between being good and staying away. Or being oh-so-bad and introducing her to his infamous wild side.  Their worlds collide in a flurry of emotion and betrayal. Danger is brewing in Zach’s bar and it catches up with him all at once. Staying away from Hailey is no longer an option but a necessity. But with the resurgence of old family enemies, her life is already on the line. And the only man able to save her is the same one who could destroy her.  Book 2 of the Harry's Girls Series. Standalone romance. No cliffhangers. Mary Kamau's author profile: — Send in a voice message:
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