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Word Of The Month


Joel 2:28

As God pours out His Spirit on ALL flesh, our sons and daughters will prophesy, our old men dream dreams and our young men see visions. 

We declare this Word as manifest truth over our lives, our homes, our schools, our workplaces and our nations.

#MyWorkIsMyWorship #MeditateOnHisWord #DailyBread

Book Publishing Tips

How To Self-Publish My Book | Telios Press Creative Eden For Writers

SHOW SUMMARY NOTES: How to become a self-published author in 7 steps:   00:00 – Write the book: stop procrastinating!   00:37 – Editing: revise, revise, revise.   01:37 – Formatting & cover design: make it look good!  02:26 – Printing & digital publishing: physical copies, e-books or both?  03:36 – Book launch: tell everyone!  04:22 – Sales & distribution: where will you sell your book?  05:00 – After-sales: book reviews & why they matter ABOUT US: Telios Press offers authors and writers tips, training and services to help you get #PublishingReady. Visit our website for a full list of our self-publishing trainings and services. Our Vision: To create a sustainable book publishing ecosystem that enables African writers to earn a living from their work. Our Mission: To provide African writers with the tools they need to become successful authors. STAY CONNECTED: Website YouTube Instagram  CONTACT US: WhatsApp: https://wa.me/message/YBGAF6TQQV3FO1  E-mail: hello@teliospress.com — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/telios-press/message

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2022 is the year to get your book written and published!

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Telios Press | Book Writing Packages 2022

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Book Publishing Support


Book Cover Design In Africa

Take Notes: On Community

💥 The Price Of Shame By Monica Lewinsky

Here Is My Worship

💥 Relentless Worship By Victoria Orenze

Set the right spiritual atmosphere for your creativity.

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