Self-Publishing In Kenya #1: Creative Check List

Technology has made it possible for an increasing number of authors to venture into self-publishing. However, writing a book can be a daunting task. Publishing it even more so.

Here are a few creative aspects of publishing to keep in mind if you choose to self-publish:

Edited Content

No book is complete in its first draft. All the rough edges need to be smoothed out to reveal the masterpiece it is.

Does your book deliver value to your readers in a memorable way? Have you had your draft edited & proofread professionally? Is it formatted in a way that makes the reading experience enjoyable? 

Cover Design 

Your book cover is likely the first introduction a person will get to your book. It informs whether they pick it up/click on it to find out more. Your cover should match the excellence of your content. 


This is a summary of what your book is about often found on the back cover. It needs to be engaging enough to leave a reader wanting more. 

Author Bio 

A brief introduction about who you are. Your bio can have a serious or playful tone depending on what kind of brand you want to have as an author. 

For non-fiction authors, your bio is a good opportunity to establish your credibility in your book’s subject matter. 


The details matter. Accurate page numbers, text that’s easily legible and aligned, the right colour tones for any coloured pages, etc. 

Finding a reliable printer can be an extreme sport at times but the hassle is worth it. 

We believe Christian content should be excellent in quality. That’s why we offer these and more services here at Telios. Find out more on our Services page

Remember, chema chajiuza, kibaya chajitembeza. When a book is well put together, it will naturally attract attention.

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Kenyan publisher that makes self-publishing simple, affordable & fun for African authors.

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