Telios Take Notes: How Africa Can Make Progress | Telios Press

#TeliosTakeNotes 🎯 How Africa Can Use Its Traditional Knowledge To Make Progress: TED Talk By Chika Ezeanya-Esiobu 💥 We can unlearn looking down on ourselves (as Africans). We can learn to place value on our reality and our (traditional) knowledge. 📌 Watch the talk here:

Telios Take Notes: Telling The African Story | Telios Press

#TeliosTakeNotes 🎯 Telling The African Story: Komla Dumor At TEDxEuston 💥 Until the lion learns how to write, every story will glorify the hunter. 📌 Watch the talk here:

Telios Take Notes: An Introduction | Telios Press

#TeliosTakeNotes We believe that great thinking is what makes great writers.  Great thinking about books, reading, writing and publishing, yes. But also great thinking about life and all that affects it.  So this year, we’ll be sharing great thinking we’ve come across that is teaching us a thing or two. Join us as we endeavourContinue reading “Telios Take Notes: An Introduction | Telios Press”