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Telios Press: Meet Our Founder

Mary Kamau, founder of Telios Press, talks about why we exist and what we offer writers and authors who want self-publish their books.

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Telios Press: Meet Our Founder, Mary Kamau Telios Press

Mary Kamau is a self-published fiction author and founder of Telios Press. In this episode, she shares a few facts about her as an author and reader. For her professional profile, visit our About Page.  MENTIONED:  Mary's YouTube Channel Scrivener software ABOUT US:   Telios Press offers authors and writers tips, training and services to help you get #PublishingReady. Visit our website for a full list of our self-publishing trainings and services.   Our Vision: To create a sustainable book publishing ecosystem that enables African writers to earn a living from their work.    Our Mission: To provide African writers with the tools they need to become successful authors.    STAY CONNECTED:  Website  Podcast  Instagram   CONTACT US:  E-mail: — Send in a voice message:
  1. Telios Press: Meet Our Founder, Mary Kamau
  2. An Introduction To Telios Press: Who We Are & Why We Exist

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