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The God Of Thy Father By Rev. Bryan Josiah

The God Of Thy Fathers By Rev. Bryan Josiah | Book Cover | Telios Press

How good fathers raise great generations.

In 1 Corinthians 4:15, Paul calls believers to realize that though they have many teachers, they have few fathers. 

In a time when fathers seem absent in families, the community and the nation at large, it calls for all of us to have some moments of reflection. 

Who is the God of our fathers? Why is He important in times such as these? How can we involve Him in our lives if He is the solution to all that we face? 

This book is written to men, fathers to be precise and their dealings with God. It is also written to sons. For if fathers are few, then sons are even fewer. 

The God of Thy Father is a must read for these end times. 

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