Telios Press: How To Self-Publish My Book

Self-publishing in Kenya
Telios Press: How To Self-Publish My Book

In This Video:

How to become a self-published author in 7 steps:

00:00 – Write the book: stop procrastinating!

00:37 – Editing: revise, revise, revise.

01:37 – Formatting & cover design: make it look good!

02:26 – Printing & digital publishing: physical copies, e-books or both?

03:36 – Book launch: tell everyone!

04:22 – Sales & distribution: where will you sell your book?

05:00 – After-sales: book reviews & why they matter

Need help with any of these book publishing steps (or all of them)?

Check out our affordable self-publishing training courses and services:

Telios Self-Publishing Training:

Telios Self-Publishing Services:

About Telios Press:

Telios Press offers authors and writers tips, training and services to help you get #PublishingReady. Have a look at our self-publishing trainings and services.

Our Vision: To create a sustainable book publishing ecosystem that enables African writers to earn a living from their work.

Our Mission: To provide African writers with the tools they need to become successful authors.

Published by Telios Press

Kenyan publisher that makes self-publishing simple, affordable & fun for African authors.

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